How does a Partnership work?


At Waypoint Studios we help you to publish your content onto the Minecraft Marketplace. You are responsible for making the content you want to release.

What we do:

+ We advise you on the best trends,
+ We help to quality check your content and ensure it meets strict marketplace rules.
+ We test your content to help spot any bugs or issues before it releases.
+ Give you access to knowledge and help from one of the Minecraft Marketplace’s biggest teams.
+ Free access to a collection of premium tools to help you create your own content.

What you do:

– Create new and unique ideas in a supportive creator environment.
– Design new ideas and push the boundaries of Minecraft.


The Waypoint Partnership is perfect for new teams and old teams looking to improve your knowledge on Marketplace and grow to one day become your own marketplace partner.

Prepared for Success

Here are a handful of partners we help

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